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The Sask. Party government has informed hundreds of building cleaners that their jobs will be contracted out if a private company proposes to bring in lower-wage workers.

These job cuts will affect 251 workers in 17 communities across the province.

When these positions are contracted out, in many cases, government will pay a contractor a similar dollar amount per hour. Meanwhile, this private contractor will likely pay their workers far lower wages and pocket the difference.

Despite being the lowest-paid government workers, building cleaners currently earn a living wage. Firing them and hiring them back at poverty-line wages could result in workers having to rely on the social safety net, costing the province more in the long run.

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Petition by,
The Public Service Bargaining Unit of SGEU


Dear Christine Tell,

The Saskatchewan government has taken steps to contract out cleaning services in government buildings, which will result in the loss of 251 jobs in 17 communities. This decision will impact:

Workers and taxpayers: Once these services are contracted out, private companies will reduce wages, putting workers who currently make living wages at the poverty line, and forcing them to rely on the social safety net. And the fees charged by contractors will rise once government no longer has the means to do the work itself.

Health and Safety: Janitorial work isn’t just about making buildings tidy – modern cleaning work focuses on preventing the spread of illnesses. If corners are cut, more building occupants will get sick.

Quality of cleaning work: An independent study from 1995 found that in-house custodians with the Edmonton Public School Board consistently kept their schools in better condition, and had a much better understanding of safety procedures than contract cleaners.

Therefore, I call on you to immediately cancel all plans to contract out the cleaning of government buildings.

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